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Not taking out kitchen trash - priceless. My tips and tricks for maximizing a small kitchen on the blog today! (at www.julieblanner.com)
Just $3 of eucalyptus in a jar {on the table of tears}. Seems so beautiful on this chilly afternoon!
This little soirée is on the blog today! Stop by for some effortless entertaining tips, a confession & one of our favorite pastimes! (at www.julieblanner.com)
Pinterest or practical? I’m talking about why I loved the mudroom in our old home so much on the blog today. #thecolonial #home (at www.julieblanner.com)
A seasonal gift for a friend who has been by my side during the many seasons of my life {on the blog}. (at www.julieblanner.com)
We hosted great friends over the weekend. See how I pulled together the guest bedroom when boxes are far from unpacked on the blog today! (at www.julieblanner.com)
A few blooms for our guests arriving this afternoon. I love the wispiness of herbs in a flower arrangement & it’s so convenient to pull them from the garden!
Donuts on a stick? How’s a girl to resist? Darling party idea! #minishoelover (at DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse)
As all the mamas out there are sending their babes off to school today, I’m feeling grateful that none of my babies have left the nest yet. #nextyeartherewillbetears (at World Bird Sanctuary)
It had to be done. Salted caramel chocolate chip cookie cobbler - you guessed it, on the blog today! (at www.julieblanner.com)